Wine tastings in Stratsin Winery

The Cellar Team endeavors and cares upon the arrival of each guest – individual or part of a group. In the hot summer months we welcome our guests with a refreshing welcome drink to create a good start of their experiences in our cellar.


We have no doubt that every visitor has at least a bit knowledge about the wine making technology, but we believe that by introducing them in detail to our experience, knowledge and techniques, we give them a complete and comprehensive view of the whole process. Our modern equipment and high-tech machines are undoubtedly of interest to wine lovers.

Aging Area

The next step in the experience is to introduce our guests to the room where our wines are aging. Light coolness, the characteristic humidity of the air and the aroma of French and American oak barrels give a charm to the cellar beneath the winery itself.

Bottling room

The place where wines come into bottles and elegant labels, gold or silver capsules, has always been interesting to our visitors. The automation of the whole process allows our visitors to witness this important and lasting step in wine production.

Wine Tastings

Once we have walked literally and figuratively thru all the stages of the production process, it is time to welcome our guests in our cool tasting lounge. There begins the real introduction to our wines. We love to pay attention to details, so we think every variety and type of wine has its perfect accompaniment in the form of food. Because each tasting has at least 3 different types of wine, we offer appropriate hors d’oeuvres to each of them. Soft and tender cheeses for white and rose wines, and deliciously complementing meat delicacies for reds.

Besides, we know that while tasting white-rose-red wines one needs to perform the so called “clearing” of the taste and we have taken care of it. Fresh, fluffy white loaves and lukewarm table water are immeasurable companions of any real tasting.

Apart from the fabulous location and the good care of the guest, we have secured the inevitable presence of some of our technologists. This way, our visitors can be sure that they can always get professional clarification about each of our wines, as well as answers to all the questions that concern them.

We are pleased to be at your disposal. See our suggestions for tasting options below.

For more information and subscriptions – tel.: +359 885 510 620 and

wine tastings

Basic Package for Wine Tasting – EarlyBirds Series

3 wines from the EarlyBirds brand
Catering: includes meat and dairy delicacies, mineral water and bread

Wine tasting package – SOULMATEs series

2 wines from the EarlyBirds series and 2 wines from the SOULMATEs series
Catering: includes meat and dairy delicacies, mineral water and bread

Wine tasting package – VIP

  1. Sauvignon Blanc SOULMATEs
  2. Chardonnay SOULMATEs
  3. Sauvignon Blanc Rose SOULMATEs
  4. Grenache & Syrah Rose SOULMATEs
  5. Merlot SOULMATEs
  6. Syrah SOULMATEs

Catering: includes meat and dairy delicacies, seasonal fruit, mineral water and bread

* The prices include: Room rental, catering, servicing, wine cellar tour, short presentation of wine making process and tasting. The duration of the tour is up to two hours.

Tastings are organized after an agreed date and time. The minimum number for wine tasting is 10 people.
For more information and subscriptions – tel.:+359 885 510 620 and

The project for our beautiful tasting lounge was carried out by MOLT Design Group, who put all their energy and love to create our interior design and furnishing.